• Colombian President Santos received the delegates of the Transitional National Council of Libya in Bogotá, Aug 25


Inspired by the movements of the Arab Spring in neighbouring Egypt and Tunisia, Libya’s revolution was born on the 17th February 2011 in the form of peaceful student protests demanding free media and a national constitution. These protests were seen a threat to the current leadership and met with hostility and aggression, which only fuelled the protestors further. As the protests developed at home, they caught the attention of exiled Libyans living around the world. Soon Libyans, who had never dared to dream of a free Libya in their lifetimes, began to return home to support the revolution.


As the protests gained momentum on the ground in Benghazi, growing quickly and unexpectedly into a revolution, there became an immediate need for national and international support. The Independent Libya Foundation (ILF) - an independent, non-profit organization - was founded in response to the 17th February 2011 Revolution by supporters of the Libyan people and their vision of a peaceful, unified and democratic Libya.


The initial objectives of the ILF were i) to bring immediate humanitarian aid to Libyans during the revolution, ii) to gain official international political support and recognition for the Interim Transitional National Council and iii) to provide clear and accurate information to the media and the international community on the developing situation in Libya.


The Libyan people celebrated their liberation on 23rd October 2011. Since then the ILF has continued to support Libya’s social, political and economic transition towards a unified, healthy and autonomous nation.